Pain – homeopathy cures

Are you in pain?

homeopathy cures physical or emotional painPain prevents you from reaching your designation

Pain effects your quality of life. Whether this pain is with you for the last hour only, or its there for 10 years, all your attention is in the pain and you cannot do anything else properly

Pain can be a result of an accident – or a reaction to an external situation, or, it can be a result of and internal problem in the body or mind.

We cannot measure the intensity of pain, exactly like we cannot measure the intensity of love or joy. Only you know how painful it is for you and whether the pain is related to some emotional or stressful situations in your life

Only you know what kind of pain is it. Is it sharp? pounding? pulling? heavy pain? There are lots of varieties of pain. This personal feeling will help us to find the correct homeopathic remedy to cure you.

Classical homeopathy allows your body to cure the pain

homeopathy cures

homeopathy provokes the healing in the body

Its an effective accurate gentle way

that while treating of pain

gives an answer to other difficulties of yours

When we come to choose the right remedy for you, we pay attention to your specific pain. What exactly do you feel, when do you feel it, what makes you feel better, what  affects the pain and you on general. ?In what way you are affected by emotions, or by stress

Two people with headache will most likely to get different Hopeopathic remedies according to their nature and specific pain related issues.

?Do you know what is the source or reason of the pain

The medical system usually try to check what is the source or the (physical) reason of the pain. Sometime its not possible to find this reason. The tests do not help us either. If nothing is found you may be told that the pain is psychosomatic.

.We are used to shut down any difficulty

How do we react

?"if we have pain or a difficulty, or some "noise 

 or a person knocks at our door we can

  • We can open the door to find out where this noise come from and what is the noise all about
  • We can put earplugs and ignore the noise

homeopathy understand that the pain is a sign, its a knock on our door. Somone, something, some difficulty is behind the door. ?will we choose to check

Our internal issues is trying to talk to us with the help of signs like allergy, fever, emotions, and pain. ?Will we listen ? Our mind and body is asking for our help. Will we help ourselves, or will we give the inner self some pain-killer and kill the option to cure it?  If we use medication that will shut the pain down, the reason to the pain is still there and until we cure it for real, with the help of homeopathy, it will get our attention every once in a while

?What is wrong

When Conventional Medicine found a something that to their understanding is the reason to the problem, it will ask to to "cut it out". For example it will ask to cut the cyst or to kill the germs. it will "eliminate" the source of the problem an all will be ok. ?All will be ok ?

?What is the deeper reason that made this cyst grow or that allowed the germs to come

homeopathy is looking for the deeper reason and cures it, so they the cyst will not need to grow again and that person will not have recurrent inflammations, even after the antibiotics. homeopathy cure the core of imbalance

Thank the pain that woke us and made us look for the deeper reason to the inner imbalance an cure it

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